Oftentimes (and sometimes unfairly), pit bulls get a bad rap for being unpredictably aggressive — but after a recent incident in Boulder, roles were reversed and it was the human acting that way, not the dog.

On Monday, June 8, police arrived on scene at a Whole Foods grocery store in Boulder, following reports of a man dragging his pit bull mix around the store by its collar. Witnesses claimed the man, later identified as 49-year-old Chad Rick Naranjo, was pulling the collar so roughly, it even came off. During this time, Naranjo also bit his dog on the ear.

Once officers confronted Naranjo in the store, he displayed a knife, though dropped it when police pulled out a taser. The suspect was then detained on concealed weapons charges, which is a misdemeanor in Colorado. Depending on what law enforcement decides, it's also possible that Naranjo will face animal abuse charges, resulting in a minimum fine of $500. According to police, Naranjo was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when all of this chaos occurred.

The dog was taken from Naranjo and placed in a local animal shelter for its safety. It did not have any visible wounds from its owner's bite.

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