Wyoming Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis is calling on the U.S. Department of Transportation to take steps to ensure commercial air service to Cheyenne.

Lummis posted the following comments on her Facebook page on Tuesday:

''Cheyenne is the only state capital in the country that doesn’t have commercial air service. This has huge impacts for our local economy, military preparedness, and wildfire response. I called on President Biden’s nominees for posts at the Department of Transportation to commit to working on ensuring the return of reliable commercial air service to Cheyenne."

The Cheyenne  Airport has been closed for quite some time due to a runway reconstruction project that is taking much longer than expected.

The airport in August posted this update on its Facebook page:

''We had expected the runway to be closed for two months but wet spring weather, cement shortages, and construction delays are all factors that have combined to set back our Runway Reconstruction Project. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not a specific date for when commercial air service will be restored.
Our goal was to be back before Frontier Days, and then by Labor Day but construction issues from our contractor, especially with concrete paving have made those deadlines impossible to meet. I know the community has supported us in many ways, but right now we can’t predict when the contractors will finish the project.
The work being done includes full-depth pavement replacement, lighting enhancements, repairs, and other improvements to ensure commercial and military aviation will operate safely well into the future."
In a comment on their Facebook page on Sept. 15,  the airport said they were hoping to be up and running in November:
''If the runway construction project continues to move forward we hope to have service to and from Denver return mid-November 2021.''
An item on the Laramie County sixth-penny sales tax ballot is asking voters to approve $2.25 million for a revenue guarantee for airlines to serve the airport. A number of airlines have served the Cheyenne airport over the years and then discontinued service.

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