Luke Bryan is known for his work co-writing hits such as "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)," "I Don't Want This Night to End" and many more, but in 2014, he gave fans a special gift: new lyrics to Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song."

While Bryan's new lyrics, sent in an email to fans, may not replace the 1944 originals, his interpretation is still pretty entertaining. The son of a peanut farmer, Bryan starts out by replacing the line about "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" with "peanut boiling on an open fire" -- and the fun doesn't end there.

The country superstar goes on to swap Jack Frost with catfish, reindeer with selfies and the phrase "will find it hard to sleep tonight" with "we raise a beer to you tonight." Even though Bryan's lyrics make "The Christmas Song" into a true country song, including mentions of a jacked-up truck, 35-inch mud tires, songs and tour dates, his version rhymes as perfectly as the original.

Perhaps Bryan will serenade his family with the country-style "The Christmas Song" while they're eating chili dogs this Christmas Eve. The full lyrics are below, along with a video of the original, so you can sing along.

Luke Bryan, "The Christmas Song" Parody:

Peanuts boiling on an open fire
Catfish nipping at your toes
Jacked-up truck, 35-inch mud tires
'I See You' on the radio

Everybody knows, the fans who come to all the shows
Helped to make this year so bright
Arms raised up, with their phones all aglow
We raise a beer to you tonight

They know that Luke is on his way
He’s got lots of songs and tour dates he will play
And every Nut House fan is gonna try
To score a selfie with Luke dancing by

And so we’re offering a simple thanks
To fans from one to ninety-two,
We’ll see you on tour, and just one more thing
Merry Christmas to you

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