If Little Big Town win either of the two Grammy Awards for which the country music group is nominated next year, don't expect an elaborate acceptance speech from any of their four members. They have a somewhat superstitious agreement not to prepare those things ahead of time.

That's what the outfit behind this year's Nightfall and the album's sinuous drinking anthem, "Wine, Beer, Whiskey," shared with Taste of Country Nights when two of the band's members — Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet — recently called in for a chat on the radio show.

"We don't prepare speeches," Schlapman tells hosts Evan and Amber. "We're kind of superstitious. If you look back at our speeches, you'll realize we don't prepare speeches! But yeah, how 'bout that? To top off a year that has not been so great, we got two Grammy noms."

It's certainly been a year. But during the coronavirus pandemic, Little Big Town still did their best to honor promotional commitments surrounding Nightfall, even if it meant conducting interviews virtually. Of course, holding court via videoconference can also lead to some unexpected snags.

"I was cooking on the Today show right at the beginning of the pandemic," Schlapman explains of a particularly fraught virtual appearance. "They were ready for me early, so no one in my house was ready, either. I was going to have my husband and my girls kind of locked down in a room."

"So I started cooking," the singer continues, "and my little 3-year-old ran in the kitchen and started climbing up my leg while I'm trying to cook on TV. And then my 13-year-old starts trying to help, so she starts grabbing her, but the 3-year-old starts crying and screaming. It was a disaster."

That mishap out of the way, Little Big Town are optimistic about the future. While live music has been on hold for most of the year, the group already has concerts planned for 2021. And they're working on new music.

Sweet reveals that Little Big Town have been writing and have "actually been in the studio" recently. "We've got a head start on it, and we've been so creative," the musician adds. "We're definitely excited about that. And we got live shows coming up next year. So we're looking forward, looking ahead."

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