The Laramie County School District Board of Trustees is asking for public input on a proposed changed to how the board is structured.

That's according to a post on the LCSD#1 Facebook page. The post explains that the current LCSD#1 board is made up of seven at-large members. But there is a proposal to change the board's representation to four at-large trustees and three representatives who would each be elected by a defined district. The board is taking public comment on the proposal through September 15. The post offers more details about the defined districts under the proposal:

''The proposed Residence Areas must have about the same number of people, to comply with Wyoming statutes and the U.S. Constitution, as counted in the latest Census. Areas will be election districts and will include precincts as defined by the Wyoming Legislature next year, when 2020 Census numbers are reported. If this governance structure is approved, Area lines would be redrawn after every 10-year Census to ensure equal population.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees equal representation (“one-person-one-vote”). The statute that applies is W.S. 21-3-111 (b) and (c).

LCSD1 divides its 26 elementary and seven secondary schools into three “triads,” with about equal numbers of students in each. The newly drawn Areas would approximate the triads, but we should expect some deviation to assure equal total population. That is, an Area may be larger or smaller than a triad to meet requirements of the Constitution and statutes.''

You can offer your opinion on the proposal here.

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