Laramie, Wyoming has a young man right now that is living the "Cowboy" dream.

Kayson Dory, a soon to-be sophomore at Laramie High School, is getting ready to compete in the NHSFR.  Which stands for, the National High School Finals Rodeo.  Kayson will be competing in the Saddle Bronc.

The competition will be taking place this Sunday.  Mr. Dory said the other day, "I don't ride horses unless they buck."  Sounds like this kid is ready.

Even though this is on a national level, this will not be Kayson's first time in the lime light.  When he was in 6th grade he was runner up for the state title.  Then the following year he came back and won the state title.

The biggest thing Kayson is concerned about from then to now, is the level of competition.  These aren't just the best in the state of Wyoming anymore.  This is the best in the entire country.

"I've been looking forward to the bigger level.  My older brother went his junior and senior year and I'm kind of following his footsteps," said Dory.

Justin Dory, who is the older brother Kayson is referring too.  Justin road buckin' horses and taught Kayson everything he knows.  This is definitely a family tradition, the boys father also rode bulls at Kayson's age.

"Just one of those kind of dads, you know?  He rode bulls but he can see stuff like none other.  Like, I'll get on and he'll tell me exactly what I did wrong and what I did right, all that stuff, and my brother's the exact same way." Dory said.

Kayson had quite a bit of mentors in his life, growing up.

"I don't know if you've heard of Brody Cress, we got on with them down in Hillsdale, I was getting on steers and they were getting on buckin' horses and they kinda motivated me to ride buckin' horses, so here I be."  said Kayson.

With every great athlete, comes injury.  Kayson is no stranger to that, he broke his collar bone last summer and a few months after that he shattered his elbow.

With those injuries, it obviously set him back in the points going into the spring rodeo.  "I was 70 points behind the leader so I had zero coming into the spring rodeo."

Mr. Dory is one tough cowboy.  He bounced back to win the second round of saddle bronc at states, then finished 3rd overall.  Which got him just enough points to get a bid to nationals.

"I'm just really trying to draw good and ride good. I may not win the world, but it doesn't matter to me.  Just as long as I put on a good performance."

Wyoming, we can show up and support this young man.  The competition is being held in Rock Springs, Wyoming on July 21st.  Best of luck Kayson Dory.


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