The Laramie County Sheriff's Office is trying to find out who stole a couple of horsetails recently.

That is according to a post on the agency's Facebook page:

The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office took two reports of horse tail thefts in the Hillsdale area recently. If you see any suspicious activity, you can call the dispatch nonemergency number 307-637-6525. If you have any information in regards to the horse tail thefts, please leave a detailed message with your contact information for Deputy Stojak at 633-4850.

While horsetails may seem to some like an unusual item to steal, it's actually more common than many people may think. Horsetail thefts are not unusual in rural areas and have been reported in previous years in both Laramie County and other areas of Wyoming.  Tama/Getty Images

The hair can be used to make brushes as well as in upholstery and for a variety of other purposes.

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