The Laramie County Clerk's Office says 27, 428 people cast ballots in last Tuesday's primary election.

Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee says on the night before the election 46,249 people were registered to vote in Laramie County.

Lee says she doesn't have figures available yet and how many people may have registered to vote on election day, so the total number of registered voters in the county was very likely higher when those voters are factored in.

Lee said she thought the overall voter turnout was ''about average" for a primary election.

And while it's not exactly a surprise that most Laramie county voters are registered Republicans, the party registration numbers for Tuesday's primary election were pretty overwhelming;

''Ballots Cast - REPUBLICAN 25,512 Ballots Cast - DEMOCRATIC 1,727 Ballots Cast - NONPARTISAN 239''

Lee included these comments in a Friday email:

The Canvassing Board also reviewed results of Democratic write-ins for county commissioner, county clerk, clerk of district court, treasurer, assessor, coroner and district attorney.  No write-in candidate qualified to receive the Primary nomination, which required at least 25 write-in votes. 

The County Clerk’s office conducted a recount of results for Republican precinct committeeman in precincts 4-1 and 5-3 on Thursday because vote differences between candidates was less than one percent (1%).    The recount, which took approximately eight hours, confirmed the unofficial results.

Laramie County’s results for state offices have been transmitted to the Secretary of State where they will be canvassed along with results of other counties, on Wednesday, Aug. 24. 

You can see the final Laramie County elections results for the 2022 primary election here.

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