On Jan. 14, the Archer family visited Ocean Lake in Fremont County to do a little ice fishing.

When the Burns, Wyoming residents arrived, they noticed a much larger crowd than they anticipated. The gathering was because of an ice fishing tournament happening at the same time of their arrival.

Spontaneously, the Archer's decided since they were already there, they would sign their two young men up for the Midvale Fishing Tournament. While participating in the event, they learned the tournament was a fundraiser for a 6-year-old from Riverton battling cancer.

Titon Fritz, at just six-years-old, was diagnosed with Rhadomyosarcooma, a rare soft tissue cancer that has attacked his liver.

Titon Frtiz, "Titan Tough" Facebook Page
Titon Frtiz, "Titan Tough" Facebook Page

After a long day of fishing in below zero temperatures, the Archer boys both fared very well. Stephen Archer took first place with a 3.88 lb walleye, and Jack Archer took third place with a 3.81 lb walleye.

The boys were awarded prize money and a couple of trophies. Generously, the boys donated all of their prize money back to Titon Fritz's family to help with his cancer treatment.

The "Titon Tough" Facebook page posted this week that he has successfully made it through 27 radiation treatments and is finishing a a week of Chemotherapy.


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