The big news around the Cowboy State over the past few weeks is the Kardashian-West family buying a ranch and moving to Wyoming. Kim finally talked about her husband Kanye purchasing the ranch with Jimmy Fallon.

The interview starts off with Jimmy talking about Kim's latest child, Pslam West and he asked if the birth of her fourth child inspired her to move to Wyoming. Jimmy then jokes and asks if Wyoming is even a real place. Kim responds with, "we love Wyoming."

She then goes on to talk about Kanye buying the ranch. She then goes on to explain what there is to do in Wyoming. Evidently, Kim and her sisters have always wanted to get a ranch in Wyoming. Kim proceeds to talk about the first time Kanye took her to the ranch to see it. She wishes he would've warned her about no electricity and no toilets.

Kanye took a nap, Kim had to go to the bathroom in a bottle only later to find out their new ranch has plenty of cabins and rooms that are fully equipped for people to stay. They even have electricity and bathrooms. Let's just say Kim got her first taste of the Wyoming life already, let's see how long it lasts.

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