KFC has come out with some pretty unique food innovations lately. It was just introduced a couple weeks ago that they have 'Chicken & Donuts'. But now, they may have really outdone themselves.

There is a new menu item being served by KFCs known as the 'Kentaco'.

Look at how amazing that is! A taco inside a taco shell made out of fried chicken skin! Not to mention, it's a taco! It includes lettuce, tomatoes, and FOUR different cheeses! That is fantastic!

Unfortunately for everyone here in Cheyenne, WY and all of the U.S. for that matter, the menu item is only currently available at KFCs in the country of Singapore. I'm not exactly sure why that is the testing market for the item, of all places, but that's where it's currently available.

Of course, as is with many times a menu item is tested in other markets, whether it be domestically or globally, as long as the menu item is testing well, it will eventually go worldwide. Based on reviews from Singapore, the Kentaco is doing quite well so far. So can we please get it to KFCs in Cheyenne, WY sooner than later?

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