Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the decision by the Children's Museum of Cheyenne not to locate the facility in the West LIncolnway property commonly referred to as "the hole" creates some questions about that property that need to be answered.

The mayor says the agreement that transferred city property in the hole to the museum group said that if the museum ended up not being built there, the entire parcel, and not just the part previously owned by the city would become city property.

But the mayor says despite that, the city has no interest in owning the property as things stand right now. With that being the case, Kaysen says the museum still owns the property and is currently in discussions with Cheyenne LEADS about that organization obtaining "the hole."

But the mayor says LEADS has no interest in owning the hole permanently either. The mayor says once LEADS assumes ownership, there are "several possibilities" for what might happen to the property next.

He says one possibility is that the developer of the Hynds Building project would end up owning the property, possibly for a parking area. The mayor says the property going to the Hynds developer would be a "more logical move" than some other alternatives.

But Kaysen didn't spell out what other possibilities for the use of the property might be come into play, saying "a lot of uncertainties. a lot of unanswered questions are still out there."

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