Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says that while it is far from being a reality at this point, he sees a two story, 50-space parking facility as one possible option for "the hole" in downtown Cheyenne.

Kaysen says the parking facility could serve the Hynds Buiding next door if a planned project there becomes a reality.

But the mayor notes before a parking facility or anything else is done on the property, several things have to happen, including a change in ownership. The Children's Museum of Cheyenne currently owns the property, with 1/4 of the lot to revert to the city of Cheyenne if the museum is not built there. The museum board now wants to locate the facility a few blocks west of "the hole."

The mayor says the Children's Museum has "cooperatively worked with regards to making that hole available."

At last report, the museum was negotiating with Cheyenne LEADS on a possible sale of the property. LEADS could then act as an intermediary, transferring the property to another owner. That could clear the way for the parking lot to be built for the Hynds Project.

Kaysen says "one option" is a 25-space parking lot on the ground floor with a possible second floor to include another 25 parking spaces. The lack of parking has long been seen as a problem for the Hynds Building project. At one point a sky path to a nearby parking facility had been proposed as a city project.

That proposal has since been withdrawn in the face of funding issues and other problems.

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