Imagine your name being an instant turn-off for anyone who learns it. That seems to be the issue with anyone named 'Karen' that is attempting to online date in 2020.

We knew that the name was certainly losing popularity, but now it's being ruled out completely for anyone that's attempting to find their special someone through dating apps.

In case you weren't aware, 'Karen' is defined in the Urban Dictionary as:

Middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others' problems an inconvenience to her although she isn't remotely affected.

Their example: "Karen refuses to wear a face mask for her 5 minute trip to the supermarket during a pandemic. She harasses the workers, asks to see the manager and threatens to sue."

Basically, any and all Karens have been getting black-balled in society due to their name in recent years and now it seems that dating apps are following suit based on a recent survey. According to The Daily Mail, Karens saw a 31 percent drop in matches through dating apps over the past year. They have also seen a 33 percent drop in messages that have responded to them through dating apps during that time. Engagements are also down 45 percent from a year ago for anyone named Karen.

Different spellings of the name aren't really seeing much better luck either. Caren and Karin have seen a 22 percent drop in their online dating matches as well. The struggle is real in the online dating world for all Karens.

The question remains, how do they deal with this? I mean, it's not like they can just go to the manager of Tinder or to complain.

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