The designer and musician is bringing his 'Yeezy' clothing line to Cody, WY for a new manufacturing hub for his collaborations with Adidas and Gap.

Sources close to Kanye say that by the start of next year, the plan is for Yeezy to produce over 1 million pairs of footwear with production beginning on apparel 'shorty after'.

Wyoming isn't necessarily known for its textile operations but with Kanye bringing the clothing line production to the state, new jobs will be created. However, given that the population of Cody is just below 10,000, workers at the new manufacturing hub are likely to come from out of state. Yeezy's business director mentioned to Cody Enterprise that the majority of new positions will be entry level with training provided.

Locally, the first jobs to be added would be for the design and prototypes for the apparel production. Soon after, assembly line positions would be added as well. Kanye is passionate about bringing back manufacturing to the U.S. and hopes to not only create an industry leader within the footwear and apparel market, but also produce a product that is 'outside of space and time'.

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