Everyone loves ice cream! It's such a fantastic dessert, or even a great snack. However, Heinz has just come up with an idea that will turn off all ice cream lovers.

With the Covid-19 crisis happening, it's true that people can be running out of things to do. Maybe you're running out of shows to binge-watch, or you just want some sort of fun challenge to do at home. Why not make some homemade ice cream?...Okay, sounds plausible enough...Unless of course, you're getting that suggestion from Heinz. Yes, the condiment company.

Heinz has new kits that allow you make your own homemade ice cream with the delicious ice cream flavors of ketchup, mayo, BBQ, saucy sauce (thai sweet chilli flavor), and salad cream (what the freak is salad cream?).

So yes, now your wonderful ice cream that sounds perfect for the summer (hence, why July is National Ice Cream Month) can taste just like some of your favorite condiments...What? Why would you do that? What are you doing, Heinz? Were you guys all drunk during your last Zoom marketing meeting? Nothing about this sounds enticing. C'mon, Heinz, you're better than this!

Then again, maybe you're just a weirdo, and you'll actually like this. If so, have at it. Oh and by the way, you have to make your own ice cream if that's the case. Good luck with all that! It sounds gross.

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