Although it was recorded in 2005, it wasn’t until recently that Joey Feek’s first solo album saw a wide release. In conjunction with the record's debut, her husband, Rory Feek, has shared the music video for “Red,” the ninth track on his late wife's If Not for You album.

The video for “Red” features a youthful Joey Feek frolicking around her family’s farm, complete with shots of a kitchen table packed with home-cooked food, team roping and Feek’s red pickup truck. According to Rory Feek, the video was filmed in the summer of 2005, when Joey Feek was still in her 20s and working at a veterinary clinic, where she helped care for horses. Readers can press play above to see the clip.

While pursuing a solo music career, before Joey + Rory’s career-making appearance on CMT’s Can You Duet in 2008, Joey Feek struggled to find a place for her music in Nashville, her husband recounts.

“I was still just writing songs for a living, and Joey was a solo artist -- at least she wanted to be,” Rory Feek says of the time at which his wife filmed her "Red" music video (quote via That Nashville Sound). “But unfortunately, the doors on Music Row weren't opening for her. And the few that did open seemed to close again right away.”

Joey Feek died in March of 2016, after a lengthy battle with cervical cancer. Thanks to a treasure trove of music she left behind, though, her lyrical legacy will live on.

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