The 'Friday the 13th' movies have one of the most legendary horror slashing bad guys in Jason Voorhees, and we know he can be pretty ruthless, but not today.

Jason is known for carrying out his tasks on Friday, the 13th. This week didn't really start off the best for Jason for more than a few reasons:

  1. Earlier in the week, Jason hears about the Coronavirus, which means that he has to be careful with his hand washing. You may have noticed from the movies, he doesn't exactly have the best hygiene when it comes to that. This is a huge inconvenience to Jason's lifestyle.
  2. On Thursday, March 12th, the NHL season was postponed. We can all tell by his mask that he's a hockey fan. And you might not realize this, but this was finally the year Jason was going to adapt his hockey mask to the present times. How can he go swipe someone's mask to use for his own if there's no hockey going on?
  3. There's been a lot of talk about 'social distancing'. A lot of people are deciding to stay in. No one's really going out in the typical areas that Jason is used to frequenting. What, now he has to search for these people? What, like at their houses? That's like door-to-door. How inconvenient!
  4. It's snowing on this Friday, the 13th, in Wyoming. What is he going to do with that? He's already having to travel on foot. And it's slick outside. Not to mention, he has to try to see through the blowing snow in that mask of his. That makes everything much more difficult.
  5. The toilet paper store was out of toilet paper, which is an awful thing for anyone. Even horror slasher movie villains have to go #2.

So yes, it's been a rough week for Jason Voorhees. Buy him a drink if you see him out at the bar later.

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