Whenever you find something you enjoy, it ends up bad for you. Like bacon, most of us enjoy a nice piece (or 10) of bacon from time to time, but experts say it's not good for you.

The same goes for sports.

When pickleball became popular a few years ago, experts said it was a great way to exercise, and it didn't matter what your skill level; everyone could play.

Now, the "easy-to-play" game of pickleball has become so competitive that it has its line of injuries associated with it. This isn't surprising because you can get injured doing simple tasks. I can roll out of bed and have a sore back for the next week, let alone get on the pickleball court. I'd have to be covered in icy hot and rest for a week.

If you've gotten on the pickleball wagon, Casper Orthopedics offers a few tips to help you avoid injuries.

Pickleball Elbow: Using a paddle and continuous swinging can cause pain in your elbow. Warm up before playing, take breaks between sets, and don't be afraid to use ice after the game.

Pickleball Knee: The side-to-side and front-to-back movement can be harsh on your knees. Wear proper shoes and watch your footing.

Pickleball Wrist: If you don't hold the paddle properly, swinging can cause your wrist to hurt. Use a supportive brace or wrap and proper swing techniques.

Pickleball Hips: Falling on the court could lead to a broken or fractured hip. Wear proper footwear and keep the court clear of debris.

Pickleball Achilles Tendinitis: Playing a sport like pickleball could cause your Achilles tendon to become inflamed and sore from repetitive movements. Warm up and stretch properly. Don't start too fast, and gradually increase your movements.

If you'd like more information about pickleball injuries and how to avoid them, READ HERE. 

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