Wyoming has some restaurants that rival the worlds best when it comes to steak and barbecue. Frankly, the Cowboy State does meat pretty dang well.

But, with all of the BBQ options in its larger cities, is the best in the entire state really in Riverton?

Website OnlyInYourState.com tells us the "most mouthwatering" BBQ is at Smokehouse Burgers and Fries. While, "most mouthwatering" isn't necessarily "best overall," it does sound like some high praise.

Naturally, as a good journalist - or maybe just a hungry one, I had to try it out for myself. Also, in the name of good journalism, I have tried it more than once.

Ribs: I have tried both the baby back and St. Louis ribs at this place and they are by far my favorite on the menu. They are without a doubt not only the most mouthwatering, they are the best I've had in the entire state. PS - I go baby back over St. Louis when it's available.

Burgers: I tried a burger after my amazing rib experience and wasn't blown away. It is a solid burger, but I think a bit overpriced for what you get. Nothing extraordinary, but you wouldn't be disappointed.

Wyoming Cheesesteak: My wife's go-to. A terrific traditional cheesesteak, but with their signature BBQ sauce to give it some extra heat and zing. Highly recommend.

Overall, this is one of my favorite BBQ spots in the state, up there with HQ in Casper, Tasty Bones in Cheyenne, and Boomer's in Laramie.


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