In an unprecedented year such as 2020, everything was very different from the status quo, including the college towns and cities throughout the U.S. With those challenges included, how much did it affect the list of this year's best college towns in America?

WalletHub released their 2021 list of 'Best College Towns & Cities in America' earlier this week. Those rankings broke down the towns and cities into 'Large City', 'Midsize City', and 'Small City', which is appropriate since the size of each college town impacts their specific ranking on the list. Laramie showed up in the 'Small City' category where the majority of schools on the list resided. Out of 199 college towns within that category, Laramie ranked 68th overall. That's not a bad showing to nearly make the top one-third of the list.

Several factors were included in determining each town and/or city ranking, such as academics, social and economic opportunities for students, cost of living, quality of higher education, as well as the crime rate.

As Laramie, of course, is the home to the University of Wyoming, the city finished ahead of several cities on the list that are home to many notable universities across the nation such as Morgantown, WV (West Virginia University), Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma St.), Evanston, IL (Northwestern University), Columbia, MD (Howard University), Iowa City, IA (University of Iowa), Columbia, MO (University of Missouri), etc. So Laramie can definitely take some sort of bragging rights over some notable, if not prestigious schools. Well done, Laramie!

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