If you are not from here you will have to learn a few new things once you arrive.

This young couple, in the video below, have started a YouTube Vlog, called The Wyoming Project, about their new lives in a state they never thought they would move to.

From their Vlog: Come join us as we learn how to live in Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone National Park. We have a lot to learn and do ranging from building a Homestead, raising animals, every outdoor adventure and sport imaginable, keeping up our fitness to do all these things, and learning what it takes to be Cowfolk. Every day is an adventure with us!

They say they have learned 10 lessons in their first month. As you can imagine, those lessons came the hard way.

Here are a few of those 10 items:

Lesson 1, heat. Make sure to have enough wood and anything else that will keep the house warm in the winter.

Lesson 2, don't move to Wyoming in December. For the reason why refer to lesson 1.

Lesson 3, make sure when purchasing the property that the best spot for the garden is a spot where things can actually grow. They have a soil problem. They explain it in the video.

Lesson 5 on their list was learning how far away everything in Wyoming can be. To get to a, 'big box store,' as the lady says, and get back home, is almost an all-day affair. But those of you who live in the further reaches of Wyoming know to plan your week so you are not running back and forth for every little thing, and you don't forget things when you do make a trip to the store.

They seem to be enjoying our state, their new home. I'm sure you'll enjoy their Vlog.


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