A recent article reported that a 39-year-old Cheyenne woman stabbed her children and then herself. This would be incredibly shocking and sad if it were true, but it isn't.

The original post link was left in various Facebook groups in Cheyenne as if it were fact. None of the credible sources in Cheyenne were reporting this because it wasn't true. This is a good reminder to only share news from credible news sources. In Cheyenne, we have several local agencies that report news to the best of their accuracy and ability in accordance with basic journalistic integrity.

If there is a large breaking news event in Cheyenne, the original source will most likely derive from one of these sources:

CBS Channel 5 News in Cheyenne offers news alerts and television news. They are the largest news outlet on Facebook in Cheyenne with 30K followers.

KGAB is online radio news and talk. Thier website features free local news that is also available on air. Their news is sometimes shared by fellow Townsquare Media entertainment sites KINGFM.com and 1063Cowboycountry.com in Cheyenne, as well as news sites throughout the region. [Note: This is a Townsquare Media company.]

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle offers online and traditional print news journalism. Some of their articles may be behind a pay wall. They often have long form journalism that other local agencies do not.

These sources get their information directly the police, authorities, verified data sources as well as verified witnesses. Each one will carry news from local, state and national affiliates, such as the Associated Press.

Please keep in mind there are other large news sources in the state who will report breaking Cheyenne news occasionally, such as the Casper Star, Laramie Live, K2Radio, KTWO Television, KCWY, the Boomerang, etc.

There are also smaller local news organizations such as LCCC Wingspan, Shortgo.co that may also offer local breaking news. However, you will not likely find AP News directly on their sites.

In addition, official Facebook sources such as the Cheyenne Police Department, The Laramie County Sheriff's Office,  Laramie County Fire Department District #1 will also have important local information.

Please note this guide is not meant to a be definitive list of what is or what isn't a legitimate news source. It is meant only to be a guide/starting place for many who want a foundation for accurate news in the Cheyenne community. 

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