I'll be the first to admit that Women in Wyoming have it pretty rough!  And looking your best requires persistence with the understanding that mother nature can throw you a curve ball without notice.

Hours of getting ready for work or to go out on a date only to have the whole thing undone by our winter weather.  Winds that can blow constantly at times, so doing your hair is a gamble.  Not to mention walking on snow and ice with any kind of heels on is done at your own risk.  Plus you spending hours working out to try and stay in shape, only for the weather to be so cold out that you have to bundle up like the Michelin man to go anywhere.

Most men have no clue what a woman goes through to look their best!  The long periods of getting ready, picking out the right clothing, hair style, make up and the dreaded shaving your legs.

Some women shave only when it's required of them, while other shave their legs on a regular basis.

But what we want to know, ladies, when it comes to taking the time to shave your legs - do you shave on a regular basis or only when you have to?  Or more simply stated - how often do you shave your legs?


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