Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! It's time to celebrate with a nice margarita...or a few. Unfortunately, with public places that serve that drink being closed, you may need to take action yourself by mixing your own margarita.

If you're wanting to make your own margarita, the ingredients (tequila, triple sec, margarita mix, lime, and salt) are easily obtainable. But just how much does it cost to make your own? Our friends at House Method did some research and found out just how much it costs to make your own margarita in each state.

The national average per margarita to make is $2.56. Wyoming came in just under that at $2.55. Basically all the ingredients here are available at the national average price.

For the cheapest state to make a margarita in, that title would go to Arizona at $2.01, mainly due in large part to the price of their Jose Cuervo, which is $9.99 there ($0.79) per drink made. If you're in Alabama, you'll be making the most expensive margarita as their average price was $3.00. In contrast to Arizona's cheap Jose Cuervo, it sells for $23.99 in Alabama ($1.90 per drink made).

So at least it seems that in Wyoming, we're not getting ripped off on our margaritas since the price is right at about the national average. Enjoy your socially distanced Cinco de Mayo! Cheers!

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