We know. It's the holidays. And that doesn't necessary scream foods that include bacon for the most part. But that doesn't mean bacon isn't still loved by almost everyone. It makes everything better. So just how much does Wyoming love Bacon?

Zippia recently did some research to find out what state loves bacon the most. With the help of Ginnys.com, which filtered through thousands of Instagram pics to find food pics cross-referencing bacon with certain states in order to find what the level of adoration of bacon was for that particular state. That seems like a lot of work. I just know that bacon is one of the greatest things ever. It also seems as if Wyoming loves bacon a pretty moderate amount. We love Bacon the 23rd most of any state in the country.

That's not bad. Right near the middle. A little better than average. We'll take that in Wyoming and continue to add bacon to every food item that make sense, and even some that don't.

In terms of the state that love bacon the most, our border friends in Nebraska love it more than anyone! West Virginia came in 2nd which I think is the first time they've finished near the top in anything that's celebrated. Iowa was third while our neighbors to the south in Colorado finished 4th, and Missouri finished 5th. Being from St. Louis, MO, I personally am not surprised whatsoever that Missouri is in the top five. We eat bacon with EVERYTHING! In Kansas City, they're known for their BBQ and in St. Louis, they're known for some BBQ and their Italian food. Bacon is somehow involved and any way, shape, or form with all of that!

New York, California, Florida, Kansas, and Hawaii finished at the very bottom of the list because they're all just a bunch of weirdos that probably eat stupid foods.

Love your bacon, everyone! It's amazing! I plan on eating a burger for lunch today and you know it will have all the bacon on it! Feel free to spice up your holiday feasts by including some bacon somehow. You'll be happier you did!

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