Every individual has a certain preference when it comes to how they order their coffee. There's no right way, but there's definitely a majority in Wyoming that prefer one way over another.

Zippia decided to take the initiative and research just how each state takes their coffee. As a result, Wyomingites are just one of five states that take their coffee black. We don't like to sugarcoat (literally) the taste of our coffee. Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota were the only other states that take their coffee black. It must be some sort of western states thing.

As it turns out, 42 other states take their coffee with sugar and cream. They didn't exactly break it down beyond that because that would be way to specific for this particular survey. Only two states prefer their coffee to be iced, those being Alaska and Idaho, and Vermont was the only state that prefers a Latte.

As for how much we spend on coffee, about half of coffee drinkers make their own at home. But seeing as how the average coffee sells for about $3, if you purchase that five times a week, that comes out to about $780 that you're spending on coffee per year.

So enjoy your black coffee, Wyoming. And as you're reading that, you're probably also thinking, 'Uh no, it's fall, I'm drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte, duh'. In that case, enjoy your black coffee when you're not being completely basic.

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