Over the past 30 years, a typical wildfire year in Wyoming will produce over 700+ wildfires throughout the cowboy state. Those fires on average consume about 75,000 acres each year.

So, how does that compare to the worst fires in Wyoming History?

The worst wildfire in Wyoming History was actually in Yellowstone National Park in 1988. Wildfires in the park are not typically controlled by firefighters and it's left up to mother nature to take care of it herself. That fire consumed just under 800k acres (793,880) and was extinguished when a fall snowstorm rolled in and put out the blaze.

The biggest wildfire in Wyoming, outside of the park, occurred back in 1876. The Bighorn Fire burned unrestrained and consumed 500k acres.

2012 was among the worst fire years in Wyoming History as an estimated 1400+ fires broke out across the state. The largest of the fires that year was the Laramie Peak Fire scorching almost 100k acres.

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