106.3 Cowboy CountryMy Country 95.5, Y95 Country have teamed up with Sam Alex from Taste of Country nights to find the next country superstar. We think Wyoming just might have what it takes to be the next big thing. We have an assortment of musicians who called, or still call, Wyoming their home.

The lucky local winner will go against other Risers around the country for an opportunity to be featured in an article on TasteofCountry.com. The winner will also get invited to chat with Sam Alex on Taste of Country Nights, the nationally syndicated show that airs at 7 p.m on both 106.3 Cowboy Country and My Country 95.5.

Please vote at bottom of the page.

One household vote per 24 hour period.

  • 1

    Chancey WIlliams and the Younger Brothers Band

  • 2

    Sean Curtis Band

    Origin: Band Hometown is Cheyenne.

    Fun Fact: Sean Curtis once blew more than $50 on carnival food at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

  • 3

    Ned LeDoux

    Name: Ned LeDoux

    Origin: Hometown is Kaycee, WY.

    Fun Fact: Ned is a big Wyoming Cowboys fan.

  • 4

    Steve Frame and His Western Rebels

    Name: Steve Frame and His Western Rebels

    Origin: The band is out of Casper.

    Fun Fact: Steve spent 10 years crafting his talent in Nashville before moving out West.

  • 5

    Southern Fryed

    Origin: The band is based out of Cheyenne

    Fun Fact: Frontman Russ Brown grew up strolling the backroads of Nebraska.

  • 6

    Josh Dorr

    Name: Josh Dorr

    Origin: Hometown is Gillette, WY.

    Fun Fact: He was a High School football star who dreamed of playing in War Memorial.

  • 7

    Brand 307

    Who: Brand 307

    Origin: Like the name states, 307-Wyoming.

    Fun Fact: Brand 307 nominated for 2016 “Album of the Year”  by the Rocky Mountain Country Music Award.

  • 8

    Jared Rogerson

    Name: Jared Rogerson

    Origin: Jared called Pinedale him home.

    Fun Fact: Jared was tossed into music after rodeo detached his bicep. He still has the scar.

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