The developer of the new Hitching Post Plaza project on Cheyenne's west end, announced Wednesday, says it plans to keep the iconic Hitching Post Inn sign.

Once a hot spot for lobbyists and state lawmakers who stayed there during the annual legislative session, "The Hitch" has been an eyesore ever since a September 2010 fire, later ruled to be arson, destroyed a large portion of the hotel.

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"We all saw the disrepair that it had fallen into, but once the fire really destroyed that property ... I think we didn't just lose a building, but we lost part of our identity," City Council President Jeff White said during a joint press conference.

"That's why we've really tried to honor that site in keeping the name of the Hitching Post," said Robert Chamberlin, President of Swagger Construction. "Everybody is familiar with that, not only in the state, but regionally as well too."

"One of the biggest staples that's at least still remaining there that's worth something is that sign," Chamberlin added. "One of the goals is to renovate that and kind of get that back up to its glory days so then that's still the staple of pulling into the development."

The multi-phased redevelopment, which sits inside a newly ordinance-created TIF district, is planned to contain a hotel as well as retail, dining and residential space.

Chamberlin says demolition and asbestos abatement are underway at the site, and the goal is to start going vertical in the spring.


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