It's okay if you want to have a Ron Burgundy moment the next time you look in the mirror, Wyoming, because on a list of the 'Most Attractive States' in the country,...we look good!

According to a recent study by Zippia, Wyoming is the 18th most attractive state overall in America. That's not too shabby at all. We'll take a top 20 ranking, that's pretty respectable.

The rankings were determined using five main categories: 1) percent of residents who are physically attractive, 2) interest in hair, clothes, and other grooming, 3) average income, 4) obesity rates, and 5) STD rates (it only makes sense that someone would seem more attractive if they don't have chlamydia).

The most attractive state overall was New Jersey taking the top spot, followed by Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, and New York to round out the top five. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado finished 6th overall so unfortunately, they have bragging rights on us. Finishing in the bottom five were South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, and Mississippi finished last overall.

While attractiveness isn't exactly everything, the study showed that 64 percent of people think the first thing someone notices about you is how attractive you are, which makes sense since first impressions are important. So yes, looks may not be everything, but they definitely don't hurt. Here's to you, Wyoming, you're looking pretty good!

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