April 25th happens to be celebrated as National Telephone Day. If only Alexander Graham Bell knew what he really started when he invented the device.

Everyone today carries around a rectangular device that is virtually used for everything we do. We can communicate, take pictures, shop, listen to music, trade stocks, draft your fantasy team, get directions, check the weather, pay your bills, order food, watch your favorite TV shows and movies, and of course, listen to your favorite radio station all with one device.

All of the above is thanks in large part to Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple, which released the first version of the iPhone back in 2007, which helped to supply every person with their own handheld laptop. And now with so many forms of communication via social media, it's almost as if the actual phone part of our phones is an afterthought.

Comedian Gary Gulman probably put it best for what phones are used for today:

That's exactly right. Some people will get outright annoyed when you try to reach out and speak to them on a telephone that they took the time to dial a 10-digit number for. What a silly idea that Alexander Graham Bell came up with in 1876. Or at least he was the first to put a patent on it as there is some controversy as to who actually invented the device.

But know that today happens to be the day, this unique telephone device is celebrated. I dare you to attempt to call someone today. Do it! They will be like, "Why didn't you just text me?" They might think you've gone crazy.

Happy National Telephone Day, everyone!

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