While everyone around is certainly facing a tough time, we can definitely bring up something that we can all get behind that will make us smile. It's National Puppy Day, Cheyenne!

Puppies and/or dogs are so amazing! Regardless of what kind of day we're having, they're always there for us. Even if we don't have a dog, and if we see one, we can't help but want to run over and show it some love. They love us unconditionally, so they've certainly earned a day of their own when you should be sure to show them some extra love. And so we can help put a smile on your face, here's a plethora of puppies on National Puppy Day!

If only we could show everyone's furry friends today. Be sure you spend plenty of time with your pups that are always there for you, good times and bad. They definitely deserve it! Happy National Puppy Day, everyone!

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