Gwen Stefani recently donned some cowboy-esque duds and posed in a couple of picture-perfect snapshots with her fiancé, country singer Blake Shelton. As it turns out, those photos weren't of some impromptu backyard get-together.

Rather, they're behind-the-scenes images from a promotional video for the singing competition show that stars both Stefani and Shelton, NBC's The Voice. The promo clip emerged on Dec. 15, the same day the Season 19 finale of The Voice aired.

The comedic video captures the pair doing stereotypically country things: shoeing a horse, fixing a truck, catching a fish and more. But, hilariously, as Stefani's shown getting more and more comfortable in her new environs, Shelton acts like he's ready to send his sweetheart back to the city.

"Being with Blake and doing country music has just really changed my life," Stefani says in the clip. "And I feel like it has brought us closer together.

"I think what I love most about country is the lifestyle," she continues. "It's outdoorsy, and it's just really fun. I honestly think that I was born for this kind of living. I mean, honestly, I never wanna go back to city life."

But after Stefani out-whittles her partner in a front-porch woodworking showdown — she miraculously fashions a resplendent wooden owl with just a nail file, while Shelton shows premature pride in his rough carpentry — the "God's Country" crooner seems to have had enough.

"You know what, I just think we need to take a break from the whole country living, lifestyle thing," Shelton keens. "I don't think you're getting the hang of it, I really don't."

Of course, it's all in good fun. And, despite what the funny video conveys, Stefani's still keeping one foot firmly in the pop music world with her recent solo number, "Let Me Reintroduce Myself." But the promo both proves and lampoons just how much Shelton has rubbed off on his bride-to-be.

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