We all know about the pandemic. Then, there were the Murder Hornets. There's even been a recent resurgence of them. Now, it's Giant Spiders that have come over from Asia to...north Georgia?

The Joro spider has been discovered in north Georgia of all places and is about five inches long. Make no mistake, the spiders are big enough to kill hummingbirds. The spider is typically found in China, Japan, and Korea. While they are not necessarily deadly, they can certainly hurt you with their bite. Not one that Peter Parker gets, but something more severe.

According to the University of Georgia's agricultural extension, it seems the spider is likely to come over in crates from Asia to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Their webs are built very high and are meant to catch prey, such as hummingbirds, which is kind of disturbing. The spiders have said to be here for about five years and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

While they are not killers for the human species, the unofficial law of 2020 states that any thing horrible that you can imagine is in fact, in the realm of possibility of actually happening. Therefore, should a Joro spider make its way to Wyoming somehow and then bite you, don't immediately assume you'll gain Spider-Man powers. It's more likely that you'll need to seek medical attention right away. As for those with a fear of spiders, sleep well tonight! Also, lighten up, it's 2020, we've seen worse.

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