George Strait is offering his advice to listeners as they navigate large amounts of downtime related to quarantine and lockdowns amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Accessing some of his sage wisdom, the King of Country put those tips in simple terms in a new interview first shared Tuesday (May 19).

Family is certainly first on the list, and Strait admits he's been spending time at home with his kin as of late. But when asked what guidance he has for fans struggling during the pandemic, the musician provides additional pointers about staying engaged with one's friends, spirituality and the outdoors.

"I think get out when you can," Strait suggests to Billboard. "Try not to make staying in a habit. Talk to your friends often. FaceTime is better. If you see someone struggling, step in and talk to them. Often. Let them know that you are there for them if they need you."

The singer continues, "This is going to be over at some point and we're going to be back to the way things were a couple [of] months ago. I really believe that. It will take a little time but we can do it. Keep your chin up. Pray hard."

Of course, listening to music is another surefire way to pass the time if one finds himself homebound for a stretch. To that end, SiriusXM listeners can tune in to Strait's Ace in the Hole Radio, a limited-time satellite station that the country icon is considering making a full-time broadcasting fixture.

"Lately I've been checking out my Ace in the Hole channel," Strait says. "They were kind enough to do that for me and I'm thinking of making that a permanent thing. Hearing some of those old songs and stupid interviews I did for some of them definitely make me smile. Laugh actually."

After all, everyone could use a chuckle while dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus. And while the musician admits that times are tough, Strait is itching to start performing again once he's allowed to.

"To have this horrible thing come up and slap us all right in the face really sucks," he adds. "I can't wait to play with my band again in front of thousands of people. I’m addicted to that."

Strait recently revealed that he's been recovering from a knee replacement during his time in quarantine, and he also made headlines when his relation to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos came to light. Are Strait and Bezos really cousins?

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