On Friday, April 24th, Wendy's is giving away free chicken nuggets through their drive-thru! We could definitely all take advantage of some free food at the moment.

Wendy's will give away 4-piece Chicken Nugget orders through their drive-thru orders. And there's no purchase necessary!

Both regular and spicy flavor are available for the deal. One free 4-piece order of Chicken Nuggets will be available for each car making its way through the drive-thru.

Carl Loredo, Wendy's U.S. Chief Marketing Officer said in a statement:

Wendy’s restaurant teams across the nation have been living out one of Wendy’s most important values – Do the Right Thing – by helping their communities wherever they can during this unprecedented time...These actions shine a light on so many individuals both in Wendy’s and across the nation doing good for others. We want to show our appreciation with our GroupNug offer for the entire country

If you need me on Friday, I'll be in the Wendy's drive-thru for most of the day.

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