Candice Cross served four and a half years in the United State Marine Corps. Now she will be the new engineer at Laramie County Fire District #1 (LCFD#1), according to KGWN.

This is the first full-time paid female employee that the station has ever had since opening in 1947. This is not the first time Candice has worked for LCFD#1, she worked for them for a about a year, then left and just returned this summer. She earned her Fire Science degree at Laramie County Community College upon her returning to Cheyenne.

Everyone is very happy at the station for Candice's arrival. But no one is more excited than Chief Darrick Mittlestadt, "I lost my mind, to be honest with you, I was like no way, that's so cool," Darrick told KGWN.

Now, the problem is bathrooms and living areas. The station has never had a full-time female employee so everything is basically tailored towards men. LCFD#1 is looking for grant funds to help accommodate Candice and her new role.

All in all, Candice is happy to be with her new family.

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