A phone scam in which con artists use a phony medical prescription to get sensitive personal information has been reported in Wyoming.

According to a post on the Rock Springs Police Department Facebook Page, the victim gets a call from a "pharmacist" who they don't usually deal with. In most cases. the caller claims to be with either Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy and claims that they need to verify "information for a pending prescription."

If the intended victim doesn't hang up, the caller asks for driver's license info as well as social security numbers insurance information, and other sensitive personal details.

If the caller gets the information, it is then used for identity theft or insurance fraud crimes. People who get the calls are being advised to simply hang up and then call their pharmacy to make sure the call was not legitimate.

While people can report phone scams to the police or the Federal Trade Commission, in most cases prosecuting the scammers is all but impossible, especially since most of the calls originate outside the United States.

Modern phone scammers can often "spoof'' a phone number on caller ID to make it appear local.

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