Another fantasy football post for this week? Yes! Why? Because after what happened today, it's definitely needed if you want some help to make this year's fantasy playoffs. Did I just paraphrase the Terminator's, "Come with me if you want to live", yes, but your fantasy team will understand why as soon as I explain...

Last week, future Hall of Famer Drew Brees suffered a bad injury that removed him from the game. He has multiple broken ribs and a punctured lung that forced the New Orleans Saints to put him on Injured Reserve. He will miss at least three weeks. With all due respect to the health of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, that may mean your fantasy season! Seriously though, we wish Drew a quick and successful recovery.

But at the time, all signs pointed to his backup, Jameis Winston, who last year, played himself out of any potential starting quarterback position by throwing 30 interceptions in 2019, being slingshot into the starting lineup for the team that's currently in first place in the NFC South at 7-2. Today, head coach Sean Payton slammed on the brakes of that idea.

The offensive super sub that seems to be able to play every position on the field, Taysom Hill, will be starting at quarterback for the Saints this weekend, as they face the Atlanta Falcons (3-6) at home.

As much of a surprise that this may come to entire leagues, it's also a double edged sword for fantasy football leagues. The reason for that is because in ESPN fantasy leagues, prior to this week, Taysom Hill was listed as a tight end and therefore, could be placed at the tight end position on any fantasy team that picks him up while playing quarterback. Whoever needs to hear this, that is the ultimate advantage of all advantages for your fantasy team. Many would think people would've acted on this (such as I did for my fantasy team) as soon as it was announced this morning. But as I'm typing this, only 26.7 percent of fantasy leagues have Taysom Hill rostered. That is absurd. Go out and get him NOW!!!

If I seem a little over-the-top, it's because this is the final stretch of the fantasy football season before the playoffs so this is a key move you need to make.

On another fantasy side note, D'Andre Swift of the Detroit Lions, who I said earlier this week was a 'must-start' if you have him on your roster, is no longer playing this week. He started showing concussion symptoms yesterday and has been ruled out for this Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

Otherwise, everything else I said about this week for fantasy football is set. And in case you'd like to hear it before anyone else does, you can catch the new podcast every week of The Pregame with Mat and Jax. Good luck this week in your fantasy leagues, unless you're playing against me!

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