The title for this content was just as bizarre to type as it is to read. But yes, people are eating Cheetos with chopsticks and it's one of the most bizarre things I've ever heard of, but it also might be a genius life hack.

We all know how delicious Cheetos are. There's no getting around that. However, we also know how much of a mess they can make thanks to their leftover cheese dust, also know as 'Cheetle'. I, for one, have no problem with this, it's like a nice leftover snack when you've finished your Cheetos. It's kind of like drinking the milk out of the bowl after you've ate cereal, or it's like Pam from 'The Office' said about finishing your drink, then you sip what's in the ice, and it's like, 'second drink'.

However, maybe you don't like cheese dust (Cheetle) residue getting on your hands, or the fact that your hands stay orange long after you've washed them upon finishing your delicious Cheetos. For those that don't care for the Cheetle, some people use chopsticks to eat their Cheetos.

I suppose if you really want to control the aftermath of your Cheetos devouring, chopsticks could be a way to go. Perhaps you're wearing something that you don't want to get cheese dust (Cheetle) on. Maybe it's a suit. If that's the case, here's my question: Why are you eating Cheetos while wearing a suit?

Look, I get it, you don't want to make a big mess. Well, then don't eat Cheetos! I've passed up the option because I don't want the cheese dust before, but I will NOT resort to chopsticks. Maybe that's just me. If it suits you (no pun intended to my comment about eating Cheetos while wearing a suit), then fine, be a weirdo and eat your Cheetos with chopsticks.

Personally, I'd rather see someone lick their fingers clean of the cheese dust (Cheetle) in the aftermath of destroying their bag of Cheetos like a normal human being than see someone eat them with chopsticks like some sort of weirdo. Of course, just make sure you wash your hands before, I mean after all, we are in a pandemic.

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