Did you make it downtown last Friday? If not, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the bands, the atmosphere, the food, and, oh, yeah, the beer tent. This week we're in store for another great Friday of music and fun in Downtown Cheyenne. So, if you missed out last Friday, don't do it again, it was a blast. The bands were so good and the stock will keep rising as the summer rolls on. Let's take a look at the acts we'll get to see this week.

Head For The Hills

This is going to be an awesome show. They're a four pieced string band. You know bands like this can carry a crowd. I'm also a sucker for a band with a smooth fiddle player.

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Pert Near Sandstone

A similar format to the previous band, these guys are a bluegrass/new grass band. I'll keep my Kentucky Bluegrass excitement toned down. These guys sound great. I love bands like this because, not only are they incredible on stage, instrumentally, but they write some great lyrics.

Now that we're introduced to the bands for this Friday, get yourself mentally prepared for another free concert! Also, don't forget to give love to the food trucks and the beer tent while you're out Friday. The beer tent benefits the Depot Plaza, and they didn't get near as much help last year with everything going on. If you get an extra beer, just say, "it's for the depot".

If you want to check out the full lineup of this year's Fridays On The plaza, you can here.


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