A stolen dog is back home with his owner after being taken during a car theft outside a Cheyenne grocery store Tuesday night.

Animal Control says it was made aware of the theft Wednesday morning, and shortly thereafter, received a call from a concerned citizen asking them to check on a dog that had been left in a car overnight in their neighborhood.

"When officers arrived on scene the dog and car matched the description of the incident," Public Information Officer Michael Skinner said in a press release.

"Animal Control contacted the owner of the dog, Travis Bogard, and the Cheyenne Police Department," Skinner added. "Travis' dog, Haplo, was unharmed and ecstatic to see him."

Animal Control continues to encourage those who see any suspicious animal activity to give them a call at (307) 637-6206.

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Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook
Cheyenne Police Department via Facebook

Two stolen puppies were reunited with their owner over the weekend thanks to the help of Cheyenne police.

Public Information Officer Alex Farkas says police were notified around 2 p.m. Saturday that the dogs, Australian Pyrenees German Shepard mixes which had been stolen from a Weld County, Colorado resident, were being sold in the Menards parking lot.

Farkas says the suspect vehicle had already left Menards when responding officers arrived, but another officer in the area was able to locate and stop the vehicle.

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"During the stop, the officer noticed two puppies in the back of the vehicle matching the description of those reported stolen," said Farkas.

"Officers took possession of the puppies and they were safely returned to their owner," she added.

Farkas says investigations into the theft are ongoing.

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