Wyoming joins 42% of the country as we prefer Android over iOS (Apple), according to PCMag.

At the end of 2018, it looked like the majority of the country was Android users.  But a major switch happened at the beginning of this year because now iOS (Apple) is the most popular brand amongst Americans.  Only 14 of the states actually prefer Android over iOS (Apple).  That means 54% of Americans prefer iOS (Apple) over 42% of Americans who prefer Android.  2% chose another brand and the final 2% are people who don't have a phone and stay off the grid.

66% of people living in Wyoming prefer to use Android.  That was the highest percentage of any state for people using Android.

The East Coast seems to prefer Apple a lot more as 73 % of people who live in Connecticut prefer iOS 9Apple.

Which one do you prefer, iOS or Android?

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