Olivia Sanabia and her family just enjoyed an amazing vacation by Adventures of Disney to Wyoming.

You may know Olivia better as the older sister in the show Coop and Cami Ask The World on the Dinsey Channel. She plays Charlotte Wrather, Coop and Cami's older sister on the show. If you have never watched an episode it is about Coop and Cami asking their 'Wratherheads' online which stunt they should perform that day.

Well, Olivia needed a break from stunts so she brought her family to the Cowboy State to see how life is on the Front Range.

Olivia and her family are from California and have never been to Wyoming.

They did everything from canoeing, white water rafting, horseback riding and even saw a herd of bison and a bear in the wild (don't worry, no one tried to pet them). All in all, it seemed like the family really enjoyed their trip. Check out the video to see everything they explored here in Wyoming.

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