Will Hayden created a GoFundMe account to build a wall that would separate Colorado from New Mexico, according to KDVR.

Even though the account is real, it is actually a parody of the real GoFundMe account set up to raise money for Trump's proposed wall. Whatever money is raised in the account it will go to a local charity, either Youth on Record or Girls Rock Denver.

Hayden's GoFundMe reads like this, “Here in Colorado we are being accosted by outsiders jacking up our rent, smoking our weed and using our preciously fracked energy. We need a WALL around Colorado to stop people from entering. In addition, I promise to use these funds to attempt to force out anyone who has moved here in the last 10 years in an effort to MAKE COLORADO GREAT AGAIN!!!”

The real question is, does the border need to be set up here for Wyoming, so we can keep all those pot smoking Coloradans out?  All in fun, Wyoming welcomes everyone.

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