This holiday season, the Old West Holiday celebration is coming to downtown Cheyenne and as part of the festivities, you can take part by dedicating a wreath to a loved one along Capitol Avenue.

While staying socially distant, you can still participate in the Old West Holiday festivities set to kick off this Saturday (November 21st) as light poles up and down Capitol Avenue will be decorated with wreaths. The wreaths will be delivered on horseback and then local officials will hang those wreaths before festive lighting will give downtown Cheyenne a new look at approximately 5:30 p.m.

And with those wreaths, in memory of a loved one, you can donate a wreath to help show holiday spirit from your own family, as well as helping to celebrate the holiday season.

Those wreaths will be lighted and will each have a gift tag recognizing your donation. You can take part by clicking the link here.

Along with the noticeable wreaths decorating the light poles in downtown Cheyenne this Saturday night, there will also be a light show taking place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The light show will be flash across the front of the downtown Cheyenne Depot and also repeat on the evening of Black Friday (November 27th) for the enjoyment of friends and family that are downtown while also social distancing.

For every Saturday through December 19th, Old West Holiday will have festivities for everyone. You can also check the full schedule of festivities at

Old West Holiday, as a part of Visit Cheyenne, reminds anyone who attends the festivities to socially distance and to please follow the current Laramie County Mask Mandate in place.

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