A Colorado man got quite the surprise during his Sunday (October 18) hunting trip.

According to CBS4, Steve Shively was hunting elk in the San Juan National Forest, when he saw a mountain lion watching him closely nearby.

The animal was so quiet that Shively didn't notice it until he paused to switch out the memory cards in his cameras. The mountain lion reportedly got within 20 yards of the hunter.

"After changing the memory cards and rustling around in the leaves, I stood up and turned around slowly scanning the woods behind me," said Shively in a Facebook post. "Suddenly, I spotted this motionless mountain lion crouched down behind a rock ready to pounce on me."

In the footage, the lion seems to be unafraid of Shively, observing him for a while longer before disappearing into the forest.

Shively kept his cool thanks to his 9mm, but said the experience reminded him of the scary encounter a Utah man had with a mountain lion earlier this month.

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