Chris Martin recently caught up with PopCrush Nights host Nicole Murray for a chat over Zoom, where the two dished on his band's cosmic new single, "Higher Power"; all things extraterrestrial; and even Martin's love for a certain superstar global band — something he's all too familiar with as the frontman of Coldplay.

In May, Coldplay debuted "Higher Power," the lead single off their forthcoming ninth studio album. Prior to releasing the alien-themed promotional video for the track, as well as the interplanetary official music video for the track (watch below), they band actually premiered the song by broadcasting it to the International Space Station.

When asked if he believes whether or not aliens exist, Martin said, "100 percent. I don't know about UFOs here, but I'm entirely sure there's lots of other life [out there]. The whole universe is full of life anyway, by its very existence I think."

As for why Coldplay decided to premiere their song in space? "It's neutral territory, so we just were like ... It just felt cool. I mean, who wouldn't wanna do that? When that offer came through — 'Do you want to debut your song from the space station?' — I think we'd be idiots if we said no."

Coldplay are currently working on their next album, though it hasn't been officially announced yet. And while it's possible the record could contain some collaborations, Martin couldn't reveal who, if anyone, might make a guest feature on the album.

He didn't, however, rule out the possibility of a future collaboration with BTS at some point.

"When it comes to BTS, I just have nothing but love and respect for them," he gushed. "All seven guys, I think they're just cool, stand for good things and sing about cool things. I love the fact that they are so huge and sing a lot in Korean, they don't always have to sing in English. I love them a lot and so if the right song came along, I wouldn't ever say no."

Watch the full PopCrush Nights interview with Coldplay's Chris Martin, below:

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