We have a winner, or maybe in this case a loser, when it comes to the WORST traffic area in Cheyenne. After a very close vote...

The Roundabout received just one percent more votes than Dell Range, thus making the roundabout Cheyenne's least favorite traffic spot by the narrowest of margins.

Here are the results...

The Roundabout - 33%

Dell Range - 32%

Downtown - 17%

Lincolnway - 5%

Yellowstone, South Greeley, and Pershing all received 1% of the vote.

Meanwhile, a few voters entered the "fill in the blank" choice. Here are their responses...

  • "5th and Demming"
  • "The corner of Dell Range and Marble... at least 4 accidents in the last month"
  • "Hwy 30 & Dell Range"
  • "Intersections of Central/Yellowstone/Dell Range"
  • "College Drive"